Your organization wants to stimulate different travel behaviour. You have several options to do so, for example by offering an NS Businesscard (in the Netherlands), e-bikes, or different ways of shared mobility. Your organization tries to make your employees leave the car at home, but this appears to be difficult: people are just stuck in their old habits. Besides, it is often difficult to measure whether employees increasingly use different travel options or don't, and what the consequences of this development are. As an employee, you want to do something about this. Fynch can help you with this. Below we explain how Fynch can help you based on the example of Arcadis.

Targets of Arcadis

When Arcadis started using Fynch, they had just recently researched their carbon footprint. Arcadis had discovered that over 70% of all CO2 emissions were caused by the fleet. And because some clients increasingly demanded new targets related to a CO2 reduction policy and safety policy, Arcadis wanted to start tackling this problem. They formulated four goals:

  1. Realizing a cost reduction on the fleet (maintenance, damages, and fuel costs);
  2. Reduce CO2 emissions caused by the fleet;
  3. Increase the safety of employees on the road;
  4. Create a visible policy to increase safety and reduce the CO2 emissions

During this program, Arcadis used the Fynch Platform, the ProDrive Learning online training, and the Fynch Rewarding Program. Arcadis started focusing on measuring the KPI 'CO2 emissions', in which they mapped the CO2 emissions caused by driving cars (fuel consumption), trips with public transport, and air travelling.

Realisation of Arcadis

The employees of Arcadis started working on travelling more cleverly and sustainably. This resulted in:

In this way, Arcadis saved on costs (fuel and maintenance), increased the safety of her employees on the road (fewer traffic tickets, higher driving score), reduced the CO2 emissions, and provide insight into the results by making them visible.

Do you want to know how Fynch can help you with making your fleet more sustainable by stimulating employees to drive more safely and sustainably? Or are you interested in Fynch can help your organization? Click one of the buttons below.

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