Your project wants to stimulate sustainable mobility among the participants. You already thought a plan through and discovered that, when you want people to travel more sustainably, behaviour change is needed. You want to change the old habits of daily travelling by car into travelling by public transport. And when people do take the car, you want to stimulate carpooling. Besides, you want that people cycle or walk more often or work more from home. Overall, you want to increase the level of sustainability and vitality. Quite some targets, but how do you accomplish behaviour change? Fynch can help you with this. Below we explain how Fynch can help you based on the example of the Low Car Diet.

Target of the Low Car Diet: minimizing CO2 emissions

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About 27% of global CO2 emissions are caused by mobility. A substantial part of this is caused by people travelling from A to B. Quite some people are stuck in their daily habits, including commuting by car. The Foundation de Reisbeweging (Travelmovement) wanted to do this differently and she started the Low Car Diet campaign: during this competition, businesses are challenged to commute as sustainably as possible for one month. In other words, reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible.

The foundation uses the Fynch App and the Fynch Platform during the Low Car Diet. All employees of participating companies gain access to the Fynch App. The app registers automatically all trips of the participants and calculates the CO2 emissions caused by each trip. The employer gains access to the Fynch Platform. In this monitor, they can (on an aggregated and anonymized level) see how their employees perform and how this relates compared the performance of different organizations.

Realisation Low Car Diet

The participants of the Low Car Diet in the previous years reached the following results:

The participants made 35% fewer kilometers by car in the long term. Thus, the Low Car Diet campaign contributes to a sustained behaviour change.

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Do you want to how Fynch can help you with your project or campaign to motivate participants to travel more sustainably, clever and safely? Contact us!

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