Fynch Smart Mobility

Fynch stands for being free as a bird and going anywhere you like, whenever and however you like. The English word is actually spelt 'finch', but we have turned it into Fynch to give it our own twist! A finch moves freely through the air. A little happy bird that knows exactly what it wants: Fynch Smart Mobility.


Our vision is carefree and clean mobility for everyone. No emissions, excellent accessibility, available to young and old, rich and poor, and with and without disabilities. Affordable, safe, comfortable, easy and healthy. Smart, sustainable, compact cities with optimal flows of people and goods. Attractive, livable and easily accessible areas and villages where mobility is the link between living, working and leisure time.


Our mission is to encourage travelers to travel smarter and more sustainably. We are going to achieve this by offering tools which facilitate, provide insight, challenge and reward. Mobility causes more than a quarter of all CO2 emissions. By making small changes in our behaviour, we can generate a huge impact right now!

Behavioural change using the OBM method

Fynch wants to encourage new behaviour. The Fynch approach is based on Organisational Behaviour Management (OBM). OBM is a practical and scientifically-based method for bringing about structural and lasting behavioural change. To accomplish this, Fynch is being assisted by VU Amsterdam (VU Adriba).

Since 2004

Fynch was founded in 2004 and its original name was BusinessConcern. In 2019, the name was changed to Fynch and the company started focusing on not only businesses, but also on the self-employed, local authorities, cities and consumers who want to travel sustainably and safely and increase accessibility.

Come and strengthen our team!

Do you want to use your talents and competences to create a better world? Do you want to work as a member of an informal and impact-driven team? If so, come and join us! Please send your résumé and cover letter to vacature@fynchmobility.com and we will get in touch with you soon. Currently we have to following vacancies:

Software Developer

Will you be our new app developer?

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Intern information management

Fynch is looking for an intern to work on several ICT challenges.

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