How does the Fynch Platform work?

Because many people work from home, from the first of April it is not allowed anymore to continue paying the tax-free travel allowance in the Netherlands. Besides, from 2022 onwards, the Dutch government obliges many companies to monitor their CO₂ emissions caused by mobility. Fynch can help you with this. The Fynch Platform provides insight in the development of the CO2 emissions caused by mobility. Both on a company or organisation level and on a department, team or individual level. Besides the CO2 emissions, the Fynch Platform can show trends for a variety of indicators of sustainable and safe travel and driving behaviour. The Fynch Platform is independent of your suppliers and can be used in combination with transaction, telematics and/or sensing data.

Fynch Platform provides insight

We provide insight in the driving and travel behavior of your organisation based on transaction, telematics and/or sensing data. You can choose yourself which Key Performance Indicators (KPI's) you want to be activated and which you want to be shown in the Fynch Platform. Depending on your wishes, we provide insight in:

  1. Carbon footprint
  2. Fuel consumption
  3. Kilometres: car, PT, bicycle, airplane
  4. Duration of healthy exercise
  5. Traveling off-peak
  6. Working from home
  7. Benchmarks: other companies, departments, and colleagues
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Fynch Monitor Helps

Fynch supports the development of creating a more sustainable and safer way of driving and a smarter way of traveling by offering tools to motivate employees to change their travel behavior. For you it is easy to adjust the Fynch Monitor to your needs and wishes: you can select the right KPI, group or period with just one click. In this way, Fynch helps you to improve, carry out or set up the mobility policy of your organisation.

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Fynch Monitor Helps
Fynch Monitor

Fynch Platform Challenges

  • Insight in your sustainable behavior, driving behavior and vitality
  • Participate in challenges
  • Compare yourself and your organisation with several benchmarks
  • Reach your sustainability goals

Fynch Platform rewards

Fynch rewards your employees for their smart and sustainable travel behaviour. They can earn coins by cycling, walking, driving without damages, avoiding rush hours, using public transport and more! They can even earn coins by participating in a fun online training! Together we will decide which KPI's will be rewarded. The earned coins can be spent in the members only Fynch Shop, which contains many exciting and sustainable incentives!

Fynch Platform rewards

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