What can Fynch help you with?

Do you want to increase the accessibility and therefore the livability of your city?

Cities are increasingly struggling with poor accessibility and air quality. How can we keep future cities clean and accessible, so that they will still be great places to live? Fynch helps by encouraging commuters and residents to travel smarter and more sustainably, for example by cycling more and by traveling more at off-peak times. Fynch can help with cycling incentive projects and programs designed to avoid the rush hour. The Fynch app is plug & play and can be quickly implemented in combination with our project support. Of course, Fynch is GDPR-proof: the data of all the users are stored securely and the data will not be sold to third parties. For more information, have a look at our privacy statement.

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What does Fynch offer you?

As a smart city, your target group will gain access to the Fynch App (smartphone) and their personal online environment in the Fynch Monitor (web). If you would like to, you can activate ProDrive Learning as well. You gain access to the online management dashboard in the Fynch Monitor, enabling you to track the live development of your project.

In this way, Fynch helps you to gain insight in the travel behavior and CO₂ emissions of your target group and Fynch rewards your users with coins that they can spend in the members only Fynch Shop.

What do you gain by using Fynch?

References of other smart cities:

We are currently collecting references of other smart cities. These will be uploaded to our website as soon as possible. Some cities that already use our products, are:

Logo amsterdam Papendrecht logo Schiedam logo

Noord/Zuidlijn in Amsterdam

Fynch was used to motivate people to use the North/South metro line. People living in the North of Amsterdam were rewarded when they traveled to their work at the Zuidas by bicycle and the new metro line.

Bicycle arrangement Schiedam en Papendrecht

Fynch is being used by the municipalities Schiedam en Papendrecht. The project is a collaboration between intermediair VCCR, De Verkeersonderneming Rotterdam and the municipalities. Buyers of a bicycle can get a cash back if they use their bike for at least two days a week instead of a car.

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