What can Fynch help you with?

Do you want a solution for the struggle of keeping your journey records or do you think that sustainable mobility is important?

Keeping your journey records is a recurring irritation. Armed with your diary and Google Maps, you go back in time to find out how many kilometers you have driven. Was that one journey a private one, commuting or a business trip after all? And did you remember to record all your appointments (and therefore journeys) in your diary?

Fynch helps you by automatically recording all the trips you make. Fynch also distinguishes bicycle, public transport and car journeys. The only thing you have to do is select whether a trip is private, commuting or business. And with one click, you can download all your trips into Excel, it's that easy! Fynch also rewards you for each journey by bicycle and by public transport and each trip you make at off-peak times. You collect coins and save them for various activities and gifts.

And of course, Fynch is GDPR proof: your data will be stored securely, nobody has access to your data and so, your data are not sold to third parties. For more information, have a look at our privacy statement.

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What does Fynch offer you?

As a self-employed, you will gain acces to the Fynch App (smartphone) and to your personal online environment in the Fynch Monitor (web). You will also get access to the online training ProDrive Learning. As a result, you will gain insight in your travel behavior and your CO₂ emissions, you will earn coins that you can spend in our members only Fynch Shop and you can participate in an online training to learn more about driving safer and more sustainable.

What do you gain by using Fynch?

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