What can Fynch help you with?

Do you want a solution for the struggle of keeping your journey records or do you think that sustainable mobility is important? Keeping your journey records is a recurring irritation. Armed with your diary and Google Maps, you go back in time to find out how many kilometers you have driven. Was that one journey a private one, commuting or a business trip? And did you remember to record all your appointments (and therefore journeys) in your diary? Fynch offers a solution:

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“Since I started using Fynch, I never struggle with my journey records anymore. I arrange it each month with just one click.”


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What does Fynch offer you?

  • You will gain access to the Fynch App (smartphone), which automatically logs all your trips;
  • You will gain access to the members-only Fynch Shop, in which you can spend your coins on discounts on sustainable products.

What do you gain by using Fynch?

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