What can Fynch help you with?

The Fynch App and the included reward program are the perfect impact driven loyalty program for retailers that want to contribute to the energy transition of mobility. Consumers increasingly want to travel more sustainably and that will be rewarded with coins. The consumer installs the Fynch App on his smartphone and from that moment on he can start saving. Fynch rewards every trip on a bike, by public transport and trips outside rush hours. Coins can be exchanged for several cool experiences and gifts in the Fynch Shop. From cups of coffee to discounts on green energy and from train tickets to e-bikes. There is something for everyone!

Of course, Fynch is GDPR-proof: the data of all the users are stored securely and the data will not be sold to third parties. For more information, have a look at our privacy statement.

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What does Fynch offer you?

As a retailer you will become a partner of Fynch. Users that sign up for our program will gain access to the Fynch App (smartphone) and to their personal online environment in the Fynch Monitor (web). You will gain access to the management dashboard in the Fynch Monitor, enabling you to track the development of the travel behavior of your customers.

This could attract new customers and increase the customer loyalty. On top of that, you will gain insight in the data that enable you to predict the behavior of your customers. You can adjust your policy to this. And in the meantime, your customers are rewarded with coins for their sustainable trips.

What do you gain by using Fynch?

References of retailers that are our partner:
We are currently collecting references of other retailers. These will be uploaded to our website as soon as possible.

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