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“Fynch automatically logs all trips of my employees, so now it is easy to arrange a travel allowance based on business-related trips that are made by my employees.”


What can Fynch help you with?

Fynch helps you to arrange a flexible and variable travel allowance. Providing compensation for the days that your employees work at home or for business-related trips has never been this easy. You can also easily set a variable kilometer allowance. So, for example, you can provide higher compensation for cycling and walking than for driving by car. Fynch integrates with your HR software.

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“Mobility is responsible for 95% of your CO2 emissions. Fynch now helps us to reduce that.”

Sustainability manager

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What does Fynch include for you?

  • You will get your own onboarding website;
  • Users can download the Fynch App in the stores and activate it with a unique code;
  • Fynch automatically logs all trips. The app 'wakes up' when a user starts travelling and 'goes back to sleep' when the user reached its destination;
  • Users can categorise a trip as private, commuting or business-related. Fynch automatically separates between cycling, driving, walking, travelling by public transport and flying. Sustainable and active travel behaviour will directly be rewarded with coins, which can be spent in the members-only Fynch Shop;
  • After checking the trips, a user can download or invoice the trips in one click. We connect Fynch to your workflow, so you don't need different logins or platforms. Everything is integrated in your existing processes.
Read here about how we help our customers, like Arcadis and Stedin

What do you gain by using Fynch?

References of businesses that we help:

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Niels van Geenhuizen: "55% van de CO₂-uitstoot wordt bij ons veroorzaakt door het gebruik van bedrijfsauto's. We zijn druk bezig de bestuurders te motiveren om meer duurzaam te reizen. We begonnen het proces met een maandelijks bericht naar de reizigers waarin we ze hun brandstofverbruik en prestatie ten opzichte van anderen (ranking) lieten zien. Dit leidde elke maand tot geëngageerde discussies bij de koffiemachine. Ook doen de bestuurders mee aan de online training ProDrive Learning. De resultaten zijn goed. Na jaar 1 bespaarden we 4% CO₂ en na jaar 2 zelfs 9%. In de jaren daarna breidden we dit uit tot een overkoepelende 'mobiliteitsmonitor' waarin het OV en vliegreizen werden toegevoegd. En alle duurzame keuzes worden beloond om nieuwe producten in de webshop te kopen."

Low Car Diet

Last year, we started using the Fynch App during our competition. This improved the quality of our campaign a lot, since the measurements are more reliable and participants are better motivated to change their behavior. This resulted in a reduction of 39% in CO₂ emissions caused by mobility in 2019. The Fynch Team listens very well to our needs and they help whenever they can.

De Reisbeweging

We cooperate intensively with Fynch. They are very innovative and helpful. Often Fynch comes up with solutions that we couldn't have done ourselves, which they, for example, showed during the organisation of the Low Car Diet. We are looking into intensifying our collaboration by involving Fynch in other projects as well.