What can Fynch help you with?

Do you want to reduce the carbon footprint of your company, solve parking issues, make sure your employees are fitter or do you want to increase your employees' safety on the road?

Mobility is responsible for a large portion of the carbon footprint within your company. Lots of employees travel by car to and from work every day. This results in parking issues and traffic jams, causing a waste of valuable time. On top of that, you certainly do not get any fitter from all that sitting about. And something that is often forgotten: the daily car journey is for many colleagues the most dangerous part of the working day. Fynch motivates your colleagues to travel more clever, more sustainable and safer. Of course, Fynch is GDPR-proof: the data of all the users are stored securely and the data will not be sold to third parties. For more information, have a look at our privacy statement.

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What does Fynch offer you?

Your colleagues will gain access to the Fynch App (smartphone) and to a personal online environment in the Fynch Monitor (web). If you would like to, ProDrive Learning could be activated as well. You will also gain access to the managementdashboard in the Fynch Monitor, enabling you to track the live development within your company.

In this way, Fynch helps you to gain insight in the travel behavior and the CO₂ emissions of your company and to gain insight in several other KPI's, which enable you to carry out, set up and/or improve your mobility policy. In the meantime, your colleagues will be rewarded with coins, that they can spend in our members only Fynch Shop.

What do you gain by using Fynch?

References of businesses that we help

We are currently collecting references of other businesses. These will be uploaded to our website as soon as possible. Some businesses that already use our products, are:

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Niels van Geenhuizen: "55% van de CO₂-uitstoot wordt bij ons veroorzaakt door het gebruik van bedrijfsauto's. We zijn druk bezig de bestuurders te motiveren om meer duurzaam te reizen. We begonnen het proces met een maandelijks bericht naar de reizigers waarin we ze hun brandstofverbruik en prestatie ten opzichte van anderen (ranking) lieten zien. Dit leidde elke maand tot geëngageerde discussies bij de koffiemachine. Ook doen de bestuurders mee aan de online training ProDrive Learning. De resultaten zijn goed. Na jaar 1 bespaarden we 4% CO₂ en na jaar 2 zelfs 9%. In de jaren daarna breidden we dit uit tot een overkoepelende 'mobiliteitsmonitor' waarin het OV en vliegreizen werden toegevoegd. En alle duurzame keuzes worden beloond om nieuwe producten in de webshop te kopen."

Low Car Diet

Last year, we started using the Fynch App during our competition. This improved the quality of our campaign a lot, since the measurements are more reliable and participants are better motivated to change their behavior. This resulted in a reduction of 39% in CO₂ emissions caused by mobility in 2019. The Fynch Team listens very well to our needs and they help whenever they can.

De Reisbeweging

We cooperate intensively with Fynch. They are very innovative and helpful. Often Fynch comes up with solutions that we couldn't have done ourselves, which they, for example, showed during the organisation of the Low Car Diet. We are looking into intensifying our collaboration by involving Fynch in other projects as well.

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