How does the Fynch App work?

Fynch measures automatically all trips that you make by foot, bicycle, public transport and airplane. We can provide insight in your travel behavior based on sensing data from your phone and/or transaction data of mobility cards. Of course, your privacy is strictly protected (Fynch is GDPR-proof).

Fynch App provides insight

Fynch provides insight in the next key performance indicators (KPI's):

  • Carbon footprint
  • Fuel consumption
  • Costs
  • Kilometers: car, public transport, bicycle, airplane
  • Exercise
  • Traveling off-peak
  • Benchmark with other companies, departments and colleagues
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Fynch App helps

Fynch logs all your trips in a single, easy to use overview. Keeping your journey records for your employer or the tax authorities has never been easier.

Fynch helps you with tips, tricks and an online training to help you travel more sustainably and drive your car safer and more economically.

Fynch App challenges

Fynch challenges you to improve your travel behavior by rewarding you with coins and by comparing your performance with colleagues and benchmarks.

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Fynch App rewards

You'll receive coins for sustainable, healthy and safe traveling. For example, you'll earn coins by exercising and traveling in a smart and sustainable way. The coins can be exchanged for a variety of great gifts and incentives.

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