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Samsung device with Android 9

If Android 9 is installed on the Samsung device

Check the following settings if there are problems that measurement is not (correct):

  1. Go to Phone Settings > Apps > find our app in the list > choose Permissions > turn Location ON.
  2. Go to your Phone Settings Google Location > turn Location ON. Select Improve accuracy, turn Wi-Fi scanning ON.
  3. Go to Phone Settings Device Maintenance and at the top click on the button with the 3 vertical dots. A menu appears, select the “Advanced” option and set the following: Turn OFF Automatic optimization and turn ON Automatic restart.
  4. Go to Phone Settings > Device maintenance Battery > Power mode > select “High performance“. This will turn OFF the Adaptive power saving and also turn OFF Limit Data Background.
  5. Go to Phone Settings > Device Maintenance Battery and tap button on top right with 3 vertical dots. A menu appears, select the option:
    – Adaptive battery: Turn OFF
    – Put unused apps to sleep: Turn OFF
    – Sleeping apps: Here our app may NOT be selected. If the app ‘Google Play services’ is in the list, then it may also NOT be selected.
    – Unused apps autom. off: Turn OFF
    – Optimize settings: Turn OFF
  6. Go to Settings > Device Maintenance > Memory and tap button with the 3 vertical dots in the upper right corner. In the list of apps that are not being checked, add our app. Also add ‘Google Play services’.

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