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Huawei device with Android version 8.1.0 (EMUI version 8.1 or 8.2)

For a Huawei device with Android version 8.1.0 and EMUI version 8.1 or 8.2, the following settings apply:

  1. In any case, make sure that your wifi, mobile data and GPS are switched on as much as possible while traveling.
  2. Choose Settings -> Security & Privacy -> Location Access. Turn on Access to my location. Set Location Mode to Use GPS, Wi-Fi and Cellular Networks (high accuracy).
  3. Choose Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Permissions -> Your location. Choose Fynch from the list and enable option.
  4. Choose Settings -> Apps & Notifications -> Apps -> Settings (wheel at the bottom)-> Special access -> Ignore battery optimization. Choose Finch. Choose allow.
  5. Choose Settings -> Battery. Turn OFF the Energy Saving Mode and Ultra Energy Saving Mode options.
  6. Choose Settings -> Battery -> App Startup Manager. Turn off the automatic management option. Choose Fynch from the list and tap the option twice. Turn on the options automatic launch, secondary startup and run in the background.
  7. Choose Settings -> Battery -> Settings (wheel top right). Set the option keep wifi on to always. Turn off power-intensive prompt.
  8. Select Phone Manager -> Settings (wheel top right). Turn off the option Smart setup.
  9. Choose Phone Manager -> Settings (wheel top right) -> Data usage -> Network access. Turn on mobile data, wallpaper, and roaming.
  10. Choose Settings -> Apps -> Apps -> Click the button with the 3 vertical dots at the top -> Choose Special Access -> Battery Optimization -> At the top, select All apps -> Locate the Fynch app -> Tap Do not allow.
  11. Click on the square menu button -> depending on your device: drag the Fynch app down or click on the open lock at the top right of the Fynch app -> a lock appears in the top right corner