Your project may, for example, want to stimulate people to exercise more. You thought of a plan and found out that behaviour change is needed. People need to be motivated to walk or cycle more. After exercising for 30 minutes, people have more energy, are more productive and more creative. Besides, it reduces the chance of stress and sick leave. Thus, you want to make sure that people exercise more to ensure that they can work happily (from home). Quite a big target, but how will you reach this behaviour change? Fynch can help you with this. Below we explain it to you based on the campaign Frisse neus.

The target of Frisse neus: stimulating all employees in the Netherlands to exercise for thirty minutes per day

87% of all employees work for over six hours per day behind a screen and on average a home-employee sits in his chair for seven hours. That is a lot of sitting about! They often forget to exercise for thirty minutes, even though this is very healthy for someone's physical and mental health. Stichting de Reisbeweging wanted to do this differently, so they created the campaign Frisse neus: employees are continuously challenged to exercise for at least thirty minutes per day.

Participants of Frisse neus get access to the Fynch App en their personal online environment in the Fynch Platform. The app automatically registers all trips and directly rewards trips on foot or by bike with coins. These coins can be spent in the Fynch Shop on discounts on sustainable gifts. A participant can gain more insight into its trips and travel behaviour in the Fynch Platform. Employees gain access to the Fynch Platform on the management level and gain insight into the performance of employees (aggregated and anonymized) and how this compares to different benchmarks. Besides the insight in working actively from home, the employer gets insight into the developments of the CO2 emissions caused by mobility, fuel consumption, exercise, modal splits, and avoided rush hours.

Achievements Frisse neus campaign

Participants of the Frisse neus campaign walk and cycle more. This is good for both their physical and mental health. They are more energetic, productive, and creative after 30 minutes of exercise. Besides, it reduces the chance of stress and sick leave.

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