Meet our communication and support employees

As no one else, we know that with only software, you are not finished yet. More tasks are involved when you look at the daily tasks within a company. Support, sales, customer contact, strategies, communication. It is just a small selection of the daily activities within Fynch. But who work on this at Fynch? You can read that here!

Blanco introductie team

Meet Karin

Karin has a broad IT background, including in the helpdesk and as a system administrator, and eventually progressed to TOPdesk's Functional Application Management. In addition to her work, she is studying Full-Stack Development at the Winc Academy. In 2020, Karin started at Fynch to join the team as a Customer Service Specialist.

Karin is patient and is good at translating technology to customers. She likes to be solution-oriented and likes to organize the work efficiently. “Why do something by hand when you can automate it?”. Sustainability is very important to her. For example, there are 24 solar panels on her roof, she drives a second-hand electric car, and she has decided not to fly anymore.


Meet Naomi

Naomi started as an intern at Fynch in September 2019. Her studies in Science, Business and Innovation at the Free University of Amsterdam set the requirement to write a bachelor's thesis within a company. She did that at Fynch, where she researched which app features can contribute to the change in behaviour. She then started her master's in Sustainable Business and Innovation at the University of Utrecht, which she now combines with her work for Fynch.

Naomi is friendly and has a great sense of responsibility. When she gets an assignment, she goes all out to complete it. She is flexible in her work, which is also necessary with the many different tasks she performs. She is result-oriented and likes to mark off the things that she has completed. Naomi writes everything she needs to do on her to-do lists. If she does this, it will happen. If she didn't do this, she would probably forget half of her tasks.