For the app to work properly, it is important that the GPS, mobile data and wifi function of the phone are switched on. The app needs access to the GPS. You can turn on GPS via the telephone settings.

For most iOs devices, do as follows:

Settings > Apps > Fynch app > Select the option that allows Fynch to always have access to your location.

For iOS 13 (and some other devices), do as follows:

  1. Settings > Privacy > Location settings > Turn ON location services
  2. Settings > Privacy -> Location settings -> Choose the Fynch App > Set access to location on "Always"
  3. Settings > select the Fynch App > Turn ON Exercise & Fitness / Exercise and condition

For iOS 14 (and some other devices, do as follows:

  1. Go to Settings > Privacy > Location settings > Set location services to "ON"
  2. Go to Settings > Privacy > Choose the Fynch App > Set access to location on "Always" and turn ON "Exact location"
  3. Go to Settings > privacy > Exercise & Fitness > Turn the option "Keep track of exercise" ON
  4. In the list that emerges, turn ON the switch next to the Fynch App

Please note that these settings and their precise location may differ from device to device! If you keep having difficulties with the registering of your trips, you can always reach out to our support.